Holidays in Spain: Follow your taste buds through our guide to the best Spanish cured meats!

Spanish Cured Meat

Home to some of the best cured meats throughout the world, Sunny Spain always provides for those brave enough to explore its rich, hearty cuisine. From the well-known and spicy chorizo to the essentially thin cut and butter soft jamon serrano, this selection of finely prepared Spanish charcuterie will make your eyes water with pleasure. So read on and get a first taste of some of the best offerings the Iberian Peninsula could provide you!

Jamon Iberico de bellota

The king of all cured meats worldwide as voted for 4 times in the past 10 years, this rare, expensive and astonishing cold cut is the epitome of Spanish charcuterie! Made from the hocks of pata negra pigs roaming free in the oak forests on the border of Spain and Portugal, this extraordinary jamon owes a large part of its flavour to the pig’s all-acorn diet. So fine and exclusive, its nutty taste has been the reason quite a few American travelers have been arrested for smuggling on their way back home after their holidays in Spain.



Black pudding’s Spanish cousin, the tasty soft morcilla blood sausage is a tasty marvel! Filled with rice and flavoured with garlic, onion and spicy pimenton, this sausage is usually sliced and then fried in olive oil in order to crisp up around the edges while remaining soft and succulent inside. If you feel adventurous or you just want to get a proper rustic and flavorful taste, make sure to try it on your next holidays in Spain and you won’t be disappointed!



The be all end all Spanish cold cut is a spicy explosion of flavour. Owing its red colour and spicyness to the addition of sweet and/or spicy pimenton and salt, its simplicity is something that definitely excites the senses. As it’s the most common sausage in Spain, its ingredients and production methods might vary widely according to each region. Nonetheless if you buy it off of Tesco back home and like it, make sure you try it in its place of origin during your next holidays in Spain; You will be amazed!


Jamon Serrano

Similar to Prosciutto and well known around Europe, the sweet and fatty Jamon Serrano is amazing! This savoury treat is usually made by curing strips of pork in salt for two weeks which are then stored in piles for upwards of two months, thereby shaping this jamon into its unique and indulging, flat form! Have it with some refreshing sangria or on an oiled and crispy pincho for a unique experience that will tingle your taste buds!


Lomo Embuchado

Often considered as the Bentley of Spanish charcuterie, the lomo embuchado is a luxurious, fine cured pork meat that you have to have while on holidays in Spain. In order to make it, Spanish artisans hand pick the best dry-cured pork tenderloin and dust it with pimenton before wrapping and letting it cure for two months or more, shaping its meaty and flavour-packed character. Its chewy texture is supplemented perfectly when paired with olives or piquillo peppers, making it a must try treat along with a fine red Spanish vino.

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