Satisfy your sweet tooth with 5 traditional Spanish sweets!

Going on holidays to Spain is about leaving everything behind and focusing on what matters most. The sun, sea, sand and drinks are always welcome and bearing in mind the mouthwatering Spanish cuisine you are in for a treat. Fortunately, for the ones of us with a sweet tooth, holidays to Spain also provide a prime opportunity to indulge in some of the best sweet treats the country has to offer. From the crumbly mantecados cookies to the creamy flan, Spanish desserts are wonderful and shouldn’t be left untasted.


Well known in Spain and other places, you can’t have proper holidays to Spain without trying the original Spanish doughnut. Shaped in the form of fingers and topped with icing sugar or honey and cinnamon, those delicious treats are a must have for breakfast or evening snack. In case that you want to forget about your fitness goals and any remaining new year’s resolutions totally, try them covered in chocolate and discover a new dimension of taste.


Natillas de Avellanas (Hazelnut Custard)

One of the favourite ingredients of Spanish cooks, hazelnuts, have long been cultivated and used in a wide variety of recipes. The traditional natillas de Avellanas custard dessert is something beloved that will take any Spaniard on a trip down memory lane, back to their childhood years. This thick cream takes its flavour and texture from ground hazelnuts, flour, egg yolks and milk with a sweet scent of brandy and vanilla. If you happen to come across it on your holidays to Spain, make sure you give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.


Crema Catalana (Catalan Cream)

For the ones who adore the creamy and delicate texture of crème brulée, this traditional Catalan dessert is something that will send your taste buds into overdrive. The caramel crust comes courtesy of a traditional spiral shaped iron which burns the top of the cream, while the rest remains soft and full of flavour once you dip your spoon under this layer.



One of our favourites that you will certainly come across on your holidays to Spain, the vanilla egg custard flan, is a light delight widely served as a dessert throughout the country. Perfect for the end of every meal, flan is light in texture and full of flavour. Its lightness is complemented by vanilla and the runny caramel on top gives it a sweeter note, guaranteed to make your drool.



Mostly enjoyed near Christmas, the crumbly mantecados crumble cakes are a must try if you are visiting Spain during the festive season. Flavoured with a light touch of anise and melting into the mouth, those sweet delights supplement their unique flavour with the addition of cinnamon and lemon. Treat yourself and enjoy them at any occasion, or just make sure you buy some to bring back home.


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