The Ultimate Guide to traditional Spanish drinks! Enjoy your holidays in Spain with some sherry and rum based cocktails! (Part 3)

Spanish Drinks

In the third installment of our ultimate Spanish drinks guide it’s all about sherry (almost)! Sherry and rum make up for the basic ingredients in a multitude of cocktails traditionally enjoyed throughout Spain and as such we felt obliged to include some flavorful tipples that may have you singing. Pack your hat and sun cream, fill your glass and follow us through the best of the rest of drinks that we haven’t previously included and that you have to try if you plan on having your next holidays in Spain.


Of course the venerable and traditional Spanish Sherry is something well worth of a try during your holidays in Spain. This flavourful fortified wine might be associated with grandmas throughout the universe, however the variety of flavours extends into a broad palette the you shouldn’t miss out on. Dating back to the 16th century and Francis Drake’s raid on Cadiz, the Spanish-British favourite packs a punch full of flavour and it’s an elegant accompaniment to a lazy afternoon with a bit of ice to dilute it and cool you down.

Rhum miel

A Canarian tradition, the mixture of rum and honey makes up for a great drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations or plain with a bit of ice. Said to have originated from the island of Gran Canaria, this is a full bodied sweet drink which is also commercially produced and available throughout the canaries in bars shops and market stalls. If you book your holidays in the Canaries make sure that you try it and you certainly won’t be disappointed!


This cocktail is widely enjoyed in the sunny province of Andalusia and especially in the Feria Del Caballo or horse fair of Jerez. For this cocktail the full body of sherry is mixed with the fizziness and lightness of soft drinks (most commonly sprite or 7up mixed with lemon), adding up for a refreshing and low alcohol drink ideal for sipping while chillaxing by the beach. This one goes down easily so be wary because having one too many never comes as a surprise!


Start your day with a bit of a twist by going with the Spanish Carajillo instead of your usual espresso or tea (If you don’t mind feeling a bit more cheerful that is). For this drink, coffee is mixed with brandy, whisky, anisette or rum and the preparation method might vary from simply adding the spirit to your coffee, to making a heated mixture of spirit, lemon, sugar and cinnamon and then adding the coffee for a more flavourful mix. Dating back to the Spanish occupation of Cuba, this mix packs a punch and as its name suggests, it’s a drink that will certainly give you some strength back after a long day under the sun during your holidays in Spain.


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