The Ultimate Guide to traditional Spanish drinks! Holidays in Spain always call for some sweet summer wine! (Part 1)

Take a sip of refreshing sangria and follow us through our ultimate guide to the traditional drinks you absolutely have to try during your next holidays in Spain.

Spain, the country of endless sunshine, magnificent shores and incredibly stunning sceneries, is also home to some of the most interesting culinary combinations in the world. When speaking about cuisine however, there is always a part that goes unnoticed and that is the regional drinks! Alcohol is a big deal in Spain and despite the Spanish frowning upon public drunkenness, their consumption as well as variety of drinks is second to none. Here we delve into the rich variety of drinks and cocktails that Spain has to offer by presenting you with some of the must try ones during your next holidays in Spain.


No Spanish drinks list would be complete without the penultimate and massively beloved Sangria! Served throughout the world, this distinctive Spanish drink is for some the epitome of summer. Its fruity and slightly dry taste is the result of red wine mixed with fruits such as orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon and berries combined with the sweetness of added honey or sugar and the extra kick of brandy. The ideal drink for a sunny day by the sea during your holidays in Spain.


Tinto de Verano

Another red wine cocktail, this one is much simpler than sangria and more widely consumed in Spain. In order to make it, red wine is mixed with gaseosa or carbonated soft drinks, more commonly light lemonade or 7up mixed with soda water. Served mostly on the rocks with an added slice of lemon, it is the perfect company for a hot summer day during your holidays in Spain.


Clara con limon

Predominantly considered as a ‘girls drink’, the light and fizzy Clara con limon or simply Clara, is a tingly blend of beer with lemon soda. If your stomach doesn’t particularly like beer consumption or you just want to keep off getting drunk early while still feeling refreshed, this light delight is something to try during your holidays in Spain.



Another wine cocktail, this infamous drink is made with cheap wine and sweetened up with the addition of Coke. ‘Why infamous?’ you may ask. Well the answer is that due to its low cost and wide availability, it’s the drink of choice for students and fuels some of the craziest street parties throughout Spain. Its sweet and easygoing character makes it popular with young people so it’s almost definitely something that you’ll come by if you happen to be an exchange student or have your holidays in Spain close to a student town.



Similar to the French champagne and Italian prosecco, cava is a sparkling wine mostly produced in the province of Catalonia with a denomination of origin status, which means that it’s exclusively produced in Spain. Its colour ranges from white to rosé and its palette of flavours ranges from dry to sweet with a tangy citrusy twist. Also widely available throughout Spain and abroad, Cava is a great accompaniment to summer dishes and serves as a great drink for cooling off from the relentless Spanish summer. As such it’s a drink that you will certainly come across at some point if you book your 2016 holidays in Spain or its islands.


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